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The short version is that we are IN NO WAY AFFILIATED with anyone referenced on this page.  Nor do we portray to be an expert in the field.  We simply offer YOU data on experiences that have occurred to us.  
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 Recently, during our trials and tribulations, we received more "fan" support than we ever expected possible.   Over 10,000 people have visited our site.  The last TEN people that have contacted us have lost what is approaching ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS.  We  have recorded audio, we have countless emails from users.  

Rest assured, we won't stop our cause.  It's as simple as that.  Look at the new testimonials to reinforce what a scam this is.  Dave Cokin and
Jim Feist are somehow well known.  We don't know how, but they are.    What is even more fascinating is the shady characters that work for them and peddle their bullshit.

ACTUAL Cokin Sports Customer Testimonials.
ACTUAL Court Document

Welcome to  Our investigative work has uncovered the unbelievably profitable scam that is sports handicapping.   Dave Cokin is a well known handicapper.  Jim Feist is even  better known.   Sports betting is an amazing industry.  Every now and then, we all like to lay down some bank on a big game based on a hunch.  Paying for a service that has inside information on the outcome of a game, in itself, seems like a great idea.  The challenge is that with all of these guys, even the most well-known  and the most reputable, are so full of garbage, that it's a bear trying to filter out the bullshit from the real data.   If these guys were this good, why would Jim Feist and Dave Cokin bet with their own money?

The gig goes something like this.  Overweight, balding guys sitting in a boiler room (shit, they may be in doublewides, who knows) cold calling the average guy.   You may get a call because you paid $19.95 for three picks over the phone, or online.   The pitch is that with the help of one of the world's best sports handicappers,
Dave Cokin or Jim Feist, you too, can profit from sports betting consistently.  In general, things start out well.  You'll go 70% your first week (in our two subscriptions, one guy had NINE correct picks in a row, and the other was right at 70%), and the fees seem reasonable (although in our experience, there is a lot of variance and negotiating ability).  Over time, the hard sell comes on, and in order to get better picks, you've got to pony up more cash, LOTS of it. You have five star games...ten star games...FIFTEEN STAR GAMES...KOs...TKOs.  Their is the Island Game, a complete crock of shit, although has hints of someone who actually knows what they are doing on the marketing side.  Yeah, he's going to hell.  The list of treats and games goes on and on.  It's good marketing, and big time pressure.  There's even the direct line games.  These picks are supposed to be the cream of the crop.  Instead of having to leave a message, and have your agent/amateur con man call you back, you get the picks by dialing a toll free number there on the spot. This is a hard sell, as hard as I've seen.  Great process, too.  The telemarketers are great at their job.  They've got years of experience and data points on how to rip people off.    But, they are still dirty scum.  We have one guy that wrote us telling us that his life was threatened and that these guys are part of the mob.  

Sadly, the more cash you outlay, the more likely you are to lose, based on our independent research.   While we haven't shared direct results of indvidual games, we can share that in early Q1, ole DC is hitting less than 50% of his games (31-34 on his BIGGEST, BEST picks).  SS was even worse, hitting about 35% of his games.  If we would have bet on each game at each level (the "capper" tells you what to lay on each game), we'd be down somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-12 dimes for DC and 15-18 for SS.

In this multi-layered scam (it's very deep) another method is that once you've paid for picks from one handicapper,  and those pickes have turned sour, another agent repping another handicapper will call you and convince you to do a small spend.  Again, you'll get good results early on.   Further, they'll tell you when to bet on the games of the other handicapper and when not to.  GENIUS!   Now, you've found a trusted friend, and you'll profit together.  Sadly, this just isn't so.   Ironically, they all work for the same company!

The name of the company we worked with is NSS (Nevada Sports Schedule  or National Sports Service, Inc.).   I am sure they've changed their names frequently to cover up the bullshit they feed you.  You can check out the local BBB and file a complaint.   Many, many handicappers roll up to this NSS. 

Other names you'll hear that are associated with this scam: 

Jim Feist (the leader of the pack (Jim Feist Sports;  a well known handischemer)

Scott Spreitzer (Kind of like a capo in a real small, inbred family of fake wannabe gangsters)

Dave Cokin (Similar status to Spreitzer, claim to fame is college football)

The absolute bottom line is this:  If you subscribe to these services, you are literally throwing money away.  The sales reps you'll talk to talk a great game, and will promise you fortunes, but they are really shafting you.   They'll get you to buy more when they do well, and dismiss it when they perform horrible.  One of the theories that we have is that with the direct line games, they give half their constituents one side, and half the other.   Everything is tracked in a CRM software, so they know what games they gave you, what you've won/lost, and just when to push your buttons.  

If you really want to be successful, study the lines with a few of your good gambling friends.  Only bet on games you can agree to.  You'll win more times than you 'll lose (if your friends are worth a hoot), and you'll save the thousands of dollars subscribing to a worthless service. 

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